About me

Hi! I'm so excited to meet you. I'm Hannah! I'm from the Midwest, specifically Michigan. Though I spent a good chunk of my teenage years detesting the state and declaring I was going to move to Malibu to pursue a lifeguard career on the ocean, I'm now a grateful twenty-something who has decided to stay and fall in love with everything the mitten has to offer. Mainly the famous bakery in my hometown, and specifically the peanut butter jelly donut they make. Oh and the season changes-I mean, just look at how beautiful they are.

I'm also a baker. Now I'm not entirely sure what that statement means. Have I ever worked in a bakery? No. Do I sign up for bake offs and bake sales? Nope. Do I, in a state of sleepiness and exhaustion, decide to make 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies at 10 p.m. and then maybe halfway through decide I want brownies as well? Absolutely.
One things for sure, I am incredibly in love with food. I have a passion for feeding everyone and anyone the recipes I make and I solely believe it is the one thing that kept my long distance of three years afloat (other than the fact that my husband is the sweetest, loveliest, most perfect human).

Yes, husband. I'm married! Recently married as of July 2016!
Here we are seconds after saying I do on Lake Michigan-
we were clearly pumped. 

also, more importantly, here's a picture of some of our desserts because OMG-

I started this blog to share recipes with all of you, because quite frankly, I think my friends and family are starting to get sick of me. So here's to you, internet friends. Lets eat!


  1. How fun! Definitely excited to follow your blog and hopefully try some of your recipes! -Christina C

    1. Thanks Christina! They are all ridiculously easy, trust me!